Charlton give the Sun the cold shoulder, too

Football fans on the Charlton Athletic website appear to be having some fun at the expense of Sun newsdesk man James Clothier.

Following scurrilous suggestions on the website that a well-known football manager had been “relaxing” in a bar in Thailand’s notorious Pattaya district, Clothier fired off the following email:

Hi there,

I expect you are bombarded with emails but I really need your help. One of your readers has rung up about a great posting on your website, below, which sounds fascinating. Is there any chance you could forward my email address to “Colin in Thailand”? Desperate to get in touch, and of course nobody will know where the story came from and there’ll be some cash in it for both Colin and yourself.

Many thanks,
James Clothier ‒ Newsdesk

Sadly for the enterprising Clothier, the website’s entertaining response as it decides whether or not to accept his offer is not what the deskman wanted to hear.

The site ‒ ‒ lists some of Clothier’s recent bylines: “Perv Yanked Down Zips”, “Women Are Porn To Be Wild”, and “8K A Year Bill For Love Cheats”. It concludes witheringly: “My current thinking is Mr Clothier is just a bit to smutty for us”.

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