Channel 5 current affairs show The Wright Stuff to be renamed Jeremy Vine when new host takes over

The Wright Stuff is to be renamed Jeremy Vine when the new host takes over next month.

Vine will join the Channel 5 current affairs show in place of Matthew Wright, who left earlier this year.

Wright, 52, presented his last instalment of the weekday show in June after announcing in May that he would be stepping down after 18 years at the helm.

Vine will be seen on screen for the first time in September, with an exact date still to be announced.

Appearing on the show via video-link while on holiday in Devon, Vine said: “I can’t wait. It’s going to be absolutely amazing, all the stuff that Matthew made the show great with, unpacking the news, talking about it, discussing it, living it, people that make the news rather than comment on it, it’s a fantastic show.”

Revealing the new name of the show, he said: “We had about 39 different ideas, a lot of them involving the word ‘grapevine’ and stuff like that and the name they have chosen … Jeremy Vine.”

Guest presenters are currently carrying out hosting duties until Vine begins his new role.

The BBC previously confirmed that Vine will continue to present his current affairs radio programme The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 from 12pm to 2pm each weekday.

The Wright Show airs live between 9.15am and 11.15am each weekday and features discussions of topical issues with guests.

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3 thoughts on “Channel 5 current affairs show The Wright Stuff to be renamed Jeremy Vine when new host takes over”

    1. I totally agree. I was disgusted with the disgraceful behaviour of Jeremy Vine earlier today with his bullying and pathetic attitude towards the very polite, highly intelligent and thoroughly likeable Mr. Jacob Rees-Mogg. The programme turned into a weak distasteful comedy with the poor attempt of an embarrassing quiz show with questions aimed at Mr. Rees-Mogg on ‘soaps’ and ‘boy bands’. Strangely, the same peurile rubbish wasn’t offered to Kristie Allsopp on yesterday’s show. Kevin Maguire looked as if he was about to explode each time Mr. Rees-Mogg spoke. Perhaps he would be more suited just sticking to his pantomime sketches on the ‘This Week’ evening show. I apologise for my lengthy complaint, but today’s viewing of Jeremy Vine definitely showed him in his true colours.

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