Channel 4 News to unveil UGC cuts map to chart impact of the Budget across the UK


Channel 4 News will this afternoon launch a user-generated content microsite enabling people  to build up a comprehensive picture of the impact of tomorrow’s budget.

The site will allow users to mark cuts in their area on a map of the UK and those that have been reported online via local sites or blogs can be linked into the map in order to provide a guide to local savings.

The CutsMap will encourage users to tag cuts by sector to give a complete picture of where and how savings are being made. It will also allow users to search by region and by latest report.

The map will be launched online later today (it’s not yet live) with the Twitter tag #c4cuts and will be trailed and covered on an ongoing basis on the 7pm Channel 4 News bulletin.

Ed Fraser, commissioning editor for Channel 4 News online, said: ‘People want the experiences from their region to feed into our journalism, and they want to be involved in creating a comprehensive picture of how these big announcements play out for them.

‘With time, we’re hoping this will be a revealing map of how cuts are being made, and how they are affecting communities across the country. It will be used to inform our web users, but also our coverage.”

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