Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman 'spoken to at length' by editor over 'hasty' mosque tweet

Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman has apologised and decided to “take a break from Twitter” over tweets “sent in haste” about her being “ushered” out of a mosque.

A letter to South London Islamic Centre sent by Channel 4 News editor Ben De Pear issued an “unreserved apology” over Newman’s tweet of of 1 February in which she said:

"Well I just visited Streatham mosque for #VisitMyMosque day and was surprised to find myself ushered out of the door…"

De Pear said in his letter: “I have spoken to her at length and expressed my disappointment at her actions.

“Her language was poorly chosen and caused your mosque untold and undeserved hurt.”

Newman had apparently arrived at a different mosque from the one she was expected at. Huffington Post obtained CCTV footage showing that she was not “ushered” out of the building but appeared to leave on her own.

Buzzfeed as published full copies of the letters sent to South London Islamic Centre.



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