Caveat emptor if you want to splash out €6 million on the Irish Mirror's Dublin home

Axegrinder has heard that the Irish Daily Mirror’s office block is being flogged-off to the highest bidder.

The newspaper rents part of the  the fourth floor of the Park House complex which the selling agents describe as a “prime freehold office development” on a “high profile corner site”.

The brochure shows a photograph of the building on a fine summer’s day, managing to crop out the chronic traffic on the adjacent North Circular Road.

One of the prime benefits of the office's location is it proximity to large numbers of the Dublin criminal underworld. Several high profile gangsters have been murdered within walking distance, increasing its value to a news organisation. In fact, one poor unfortunate soul was whacked within sight of the news desk. Whether mere mortals, not involved in the news gathering process would find such a prospect advantageous, is questionable. 

Despite its obvious benefits, never in the field of property speculation has caveat emptor been more appropriate. 

While boasting the passing rent of €740,000 a year with 80 percent of the building filled with government tenants, the document fails to mention the leaky windows.

One mole told Axegrinder: “Anytime it rained heavily, and in Dublin that is a pretty common occurrence, these annoying pools of water would accumulate on the inside of the window sill, soaking everything within range.

“When it snows, it can be impossible to get around the car park and there was one poor unfortunate hack, who came in on a Christmas morning to find half of the ceiling missing as a pipe had burst.“

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