Caught in the middle of the trouble

Mail reporter Adam Smith, who only joined the paper a fortnight ago,
found himself in the thick of riots in the Perry Barr area.

reported: “I followed a group of riot police down George Street as I
heard the sounds of bricks hitting shields. Then I saw my car, police
on one side of a truck and rock throwing rioters on the other. Every
window bar the windscreen was smashed and it was parked in what had
become a no-man’s land.

“I eventually managed to get into my
battered vehicle and drive it to a friend’s house in Perry Barr, with
rain in my face and glass sticking in my buttocks. I was travelling
back with my friends and their two-year-old son who I cradled in the
back of the vehicle.”

Smith did live phone interviews for
Saturday night’s main ITN bulletin and has taken part in discussions on
Radio Five Live and BBC Radio Wales, while ITN’s 24-hour news channel
has reported on his ordeal.

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