Catholic Herald chief is man on a mission

Damian Thompson, editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald, is, I’m reliably informed, fighting the good fight for the faith. Says my man in the long flowing robes, with an angelic look on his face: ‘His various criticisms have so vexed Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor that his latest £50,000-a-year press officer has been reduced to imploring people not to believe him.”

One of Thompson’s latest targets is the so-called Catholic Communications Network, whose head office team, he found, costs £315,286 a year to run: £161,330 on salaries, £105,681 on operations and £48,275 on ‘allocated costs”, whatever that might mean. To boot, Thompson says after all this, there’s not all that much communication.

Thompson also spends a lot of time sniping at the small-circulation Tablet, which he roundly dismisses as being heretical.

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