Catherwood in Belfast for treatment

Andrea Catherwood

Andrea Catherwood, the ITN reporter injured as she witnessed the surrender of Taliban troops in Afghanistan, was flown back to the UK this week and immediately put on another plane for Belfast.

Doctors in Northern Ireland have built up a world-class expertise in dealing with shrapnel wounds because of their experiences treating those injured by acts of terrorism.

Catherwood has two pieces of shrapnel, one in her thigh and one in her knee. Thankfully, both missed the bone and the journalist was moving about and walking after her injuries.

Swedish television cameraman Olaf Stromberg was killed in a robbery near Kunduz, bringing the number of journalists murdered in the conflict to eight.

Stromberg, from Sweden’s TV4, was shot when armed robbers broke into a house where he was staying in the northern Afghan town of Taloqan.

Canadian journalist Ken Hetchman, 32, who was working for the Montreal Mirror, was reported to have been seized in the border town of Spin Boldak close to Pakistan and held in chains by Taliban fighters.

lThe number of journalists murdered worldwide has risen dramatically over the past six months, the World Association of Newspapers warned this week. It said 56 journalists have been killed this year, 41 of them since early June, including the eight in Afghanistan. The total is already higher than the 53 journalists killed last year.

by Martin McNamara

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