Can PR ever alleviate that chronic pain in the hoop? - Press Gazette

Can PR ever alleviate that chronic pain in the hoop?

Axegrinder was staring out of his window this morning when the ping of an email alerted him to an urgent despatch which required immediate attention.

With undue haste, Axegrinder grasped his mouse firmly in his right hand, carefully manipulating the on-screen pointer towards the Microsoft Outlook tab; a firm click later, the message was opened in its entire glory.

Somehow, the message wasn’t addressed to your humble correspondent, but to a rival simian scandal mongerer. With interest firmly piqued, Axegrinder started reading.

Within moments; dreams of accepting a Pulitzer following a Watergate busting scoop were soon dashed.

Even though Axegrinder has a well-thumbed dictionary on his desk – without the rude words underlined – he couldn’t be arsed (now vulgar sl – cannot be bothered) looking up what a “production and fulfilment solution” was.

However, thinking back to those carefree, childhood days armed only with a Collins English dictionary and HB pencil, Axegrinder did look up the meaning of “PR”.

Much to his amusement, under the more obvious examples, in italics it said: “pr abbrev: per rectum (L; med). . ." which in Axegrinder’s opinion, is exactly where the practitioner in question should have shoved the email.