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Campbell spreads the love

All the running and memoirs cash evidently hasn’t cooled Alastair Campbell’s legendary rage.

Axegrinder’s mole at the Labour conference tells me that the Daily Mail was singled out for a tongue-lashing from Campbell when he was asked whether he agreed with Tony Blair’s speech condemning journalists as “feral beasts”.

He told a fringe meeting: “If I had any influence I would not have singled out The Independent. I would have singled out the Daily Mail, which is the biggest poison in our national life.

“It drives this negativity [about politicians]. If people who read the Daily Mail actually thought the country was the way that the Daily Mail presents it they would emigrate to the Sudan or Albania because they would be better-run countries with stronger economies and better public services and happier people.”

Good to see that, like Tony, Campbell doesn’t feel the need to exaggerate in order to make his point.



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