C4's commitments

Channel 4, in its statement on news and current affairs coverage, said it was "committed to its in-depth news seven days a week in peak time". The channel said it aimed to:

* Improve business coverage;

* Extend international coverage to cover events and stories not covered by other channels;

* Develop signatured reporting by its specialist correspondent team;

* Increase reporting from across Britain, with new bureaux in Leeds and Glasgow;

* Increase use of independent productions on Channel 4 News, particularly those made outside London;

* Continue its commitment to investigative journalism on Dispatches in peak time;

* Provide political coverage with "impact" by grouping "landmark programmes" as events throughout the year;

* "Stand back from the party fight" in its election coverage, question the role of politics in modern society and ask why it is seem as of less relevance;

* Develop a range of demanding social documentary on both British and international subjects;

* Arrange series and clusters of programmes in "seasons" throughout 2001 with significant social themes.

* Documentaries over the next year on the UK criminal justice system;

* Establish a range of documentary slots and formats as a creative ladder of experience for documentary makers.

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