C4 seeks new talent for investigations

Channel 4 has embarked on an investigative journalism talent search in a bid to bring “new voices” to its flagship current affairs series Dispatches and possibly other one-off programmes.

According to Kevin Sutcliffe, investigations editor at Channel 4, the channel wants to get “a real sense of the talent that might be out there. Part of our job here is to find new talent.”

He is interested in talking to journalists who share the channel’s view of investigative journalism and would like to build up a talent pool for when the existing batch is working on particular assignments.

As well as television journalists, Sutcliffe would like to meet investigative newspaper reporters who would consider working in television. He is also encouraging regional journalists to get in touch.

After meeting journalists he would introduce them to the independent current affairs production companies that work with the channel.

Sutcliffe said the talent search coincided with a shift from foreign to domestic investigations on Dispatches, following the war in Iraq and in the run-up to an election year.

However, he said there could be scope for the recruits on other Channel 4 programmes such as the 30 Minutes documentary strand, which started this year, and possible “one-offs”.

“What we are looking for primarily are strong journalists who have got some edge and who are good at digging,” Sutcliffe added.

By Wale Azeez

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