Business in the pink

The Daily Telegraph has launched a pink business supplement called Business2+jobs, writes Dominic Ponsford.

Aimed at capturing a bigger slice of the situations vacant market, the new Thursday section includes separate advertising sections for jobs paying less than and more than £55,000.

Richard Tyler has been taken on as editor after two-and-a-half years as City editor of the Birmingham Post. Also working on Business2+jobs is experienced Telegraph staffer Roland Gribben.

Tyler said: “It has a Telegraph business news front page with the restriction of a Tuesday night deadline for publication on a Thursday morning. “It is news driven and has opinion-formers and all the people you expect to see in the Telegraph saying where they think their company’s going and where they think the economy’s going.”

He added: “Business2+jobs provides a great opportunity for The Daily Telegraph to explore the issues affecting our business readers in more depth than our daily deadlines allow.”

New features will include indepth analysis of the business stories making the headlines and more detailed profiles on individuals, reviewing their moves six months on.

Cartoonist Martin Shovel has been taken on to provide some light relief and there is a back-page satirical column called 7.38, based on the idea of a conversation between three business people on a train.

Tyler said: “It’s a little sketch. Hopefully, people will recognise the comments these characters are making. You don’t need to be serious about business all the time.”


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