Burton Mail stun gun scoop prompts police raid

An undercover investigation into an illegal trade in stun guns
by the Burton Mail has sparked a police raid.
Chief reporter David Powles discovered the sale
of the guns, which emit an electrical charge of up to 50,000 volts,
through a conversation with a contact who worked in the store’s
distribution depot and said he had been offered a gun for £50 by a
fellow worker.
The dealer then sold one of the guns and a two-pronged electric charger to the Mail for £50.
Powles later discovered that the guns were faulty after he tested one and a current backfired on him.
The Mail handed its evidence, including the gun, to the police and
within hours a team of 15 officers was gathered and Operation Torch was
Three houses were raided but no guns were found, although two men were arrested for public order offences.
The B&Q depot was the same store in Branston
where the Iliffe News and Media-owned evening paper uncovered a female
worker selling sexual favours to her colleagues.
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