Brum Mail rushes out terror plot special

The Birmingham Mail showed the advantages of publishing on the day editions as news broke this morning of the terrorist plot to explode up to ten planes leaving British airports.

The Mail was able to scoop the first pictures of passengers stranded in Birmingham airport following the 5.50 am announcement of the planned explosions on planes leaving for the US.

The story broke too late for the national press so the regional evening newspaper market came into its own.

The Mail's first edition was off stone at 8.15am and included three pages of pictures and quotes from Birmingham airport as well as pictures of airports in London and Manchester from the Evening Standard and Manchester Evening News.

For its 11.15am edition the Mail included pictures from the airports; Heathrow, Manchester, Stansted, Belfast, Southampton by swapping with other local evening papers.

By the final edition the Mail was able to change its splash from "Airport Terror" to "City men seized as air terror bid foiled" along with interviews with a travel expert advice on how to cope and interviews with a terror experts.

Editor Steve Dyson said: "The team responded brilliantly to this breaking news story. That's what our team is great at; responding quickly to fast breaking news stories and they proved it again this time."

The Mail boxed out several thousand extra copies some of which were distributed to airports where stranded passengers could catch up with the news.


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