Brothel owned jailed after detective work

An investigation by the Kentish Gazette has resulted in the jailing of a woman who ran a string of brothels.

The Kent Messenger Group-owned weekly alerted police to the activities of Hai Huong Truong after residents complained of visitors to her house during 2004.

Gazette trainee reporter Matt Hoople linked adverts in a competing newspaper with Truong’s house and when he called was offered sex twice. He also found that Truong was running brothels in Ashford, Folkestone and Canterbury.

The Gazette offered its evidence to the police, who went undercover and were also offered sex.

Truong was jailed for one year at Maidstone Crown Court after admitting controlling prostitution for gain and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Gazette editor Leo Whitlock said: ‘Matt was determined to bring Truong to book in order to stop the exploitation of the women working at the brothels and improve the lives of those living nearby. The detective work was second to none.”

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