Broadcasters relive war in Iraq a year on

Broadcasters are gearing up to mark the first anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

On 16 March, BBC Two shows One Year On: Iraq – A Newsnight Special, presented by Jeremy Paxman. It includes a panel and audience discussion, interviews and reports.

The Storyville series on BBC Four airs War Feels Like War on 17 March, in which filmmaker Esteban Uyarra follows a group of unilateral journalists through the Kuwaiti desert into Iraq.

On 18 March, BBC Three’s How The War Was Spun seeks the views of contributors from public relations, politics and the military to shed light on the reality beneath the propaganda of both sides.

BBC Radio 4 presents Fallout From Terror, a two-part series beginning on 21 March that tells the story of “the bribing, the bargaining and the bullying” behind the war.

On 7 April BBC One broadcasts Iraq: The Untold War, focusing on the covert operations that won the war. Sky News’s David Chater will report on issues facing the country.

CNN’s Nic Robertson, expelled from Iraq during the war, returns to the country for the documentary State of Fear: Journeys in the New Iraq on 15 March. CNN will also be carrying special reports from senior journalists and a roundtable discussion with members from the Iraqi Governing Council.

In War Stories from the Front Lines, CNN will broadcast reports from correspondents, including Brent Sadler.

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