British Press Awards - first shortlists

Foreign Reporter of the Year

Nick Paton Walsh, The Guardian

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, The Guardian

Anton Antonowicz, The Daily Mirror

Charles Clover, The Financial Times

Julius Strauss, The Daily Telegraph

Hala Jaber, The Sunday Times

Reporter of the Year

Trevor Kavanagh,The Sun

Daniel Foggo, The Sunday Telegraph

David Rose, The Observer

Neville Thurlbeck, News of the World

John Askill, The Sun

Graham Johnson, Sunday Mirror

Financial Journalist of the Year

Alex Brummer, The Daily Mail

Helen Dunne, The Mail on Sunday

Ian King, The Sun

John Gapper, The Financial Times

Jeremy Warner, The Independent

Kate Rankine, The Daily Telegraph

Business Journalist of the Year

Neil Collins, The Daily Telegraph

Ian Griffiths, The Guardian

Michael Harrison, The Independent

Robert Peston, The Sunday Telegraph

Patience Wheatcroft, The Times

Andrea Felsted, The Financial Times

Young Journalist of the Year

Anushka Asthana, The Observer

Sam Coates, The Times

Benjamin Joffe-Walt, The Sunday Telegraph

Richard Milne, The Financial Times

Ryan Sabey, News of the World

Johann Hari, The Independent

Columnist of the Year

Allison Pearson, Evening Standard

Janice Turner, The Times

Jenny McCartney, The Sunday Telegraph

Craig Brown, The Daily Telegraph

Peter Hitchens, The Mail on Sunday

Jim Shelley, The Daily Mirror

Show business Reporter of the Year

Debbie Manley, The People

3am Girls, The Daily Mirror

Polly Graham, News of the World

Chrissy Iley, The Sunday Times

Nicole Lampert, The Daily Mail

Ben Todd, Sunday Mirror

Sports Reporter of the Year

Bob Cass, The Mail on Sunday

Shaun Custis, The Sun

Jeff Powell, The Daily Mail

Charles Sale, The Daily Mail

David Maddock, The Daily Mirror

Henry Winter, The Daily Telegraph

Sports Writer of the Year

Patrick Barclay, The Sunday Telegraph

Paul Kimmage, The Sunday Times

Matt Lawton, The Daily Mail

David Walsh, The Sunday Times

Oliver Holt, The Daily Mirror

Martin Samuel, News of the World

Food And Drink Writer of the Year

Marina O\’Loughlin, Metro

Tracey Macleod, The Independent

Giles Coren, The Times

Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall,

The Observer

Jay Rayner, The Observer

Terry Durack, The Independent on Sunday

Scoop of the Year

News of the World, Beckham Affair

News of the World, Sven Affair

News of the World, Blunkett Affair

The Daily Mail, Revealed: Nanny got her visa in 19 days

The Sun, Hutton Leaked

The Sunday Telegraph, Blunkett\’s Lover Accuses Him Of Fast-Tracking Visa For Her Nanny

Motoring Writer of the Year

Michael Booth, The Independent on Sunday

Jeremy Clarkson, The Sunday Times

Joseph Dunn, The Sunday Times

Andrew English, The Daily Telegraph

Honest John, The Daily Telegraph

Jonathan Goddard, Metro

Critic of the Year

Laura Cumming, The Observer

Tim De Lisle, The Mail on Sunday

Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph

Sukhdeu Sandhu, The Daily Telegraph

Jaci Stephen, The Mail on Sunday

A.A. Gill, The Sunday Times

Property Writer of the Year

Ross Clark, The Sunday Telegraph

Caroline McGhie, The Sunday Telegraph

Christopher Middleton, The Daily Telegraph

Rosie Millard, The Sunday Times

Lowri Turner, The Mail on Sunday

Damian Barr, The Times

Travel Writer of the Year

Jane Bussman, The Mail on Sunday

Ed Grenby, The Guardian

Tim Moore, The Observer

Matt Rudd, The Sunday Times

Gill Williams, Sunday Mirror

Sarah Barrell, The Independent on Sunday

Interviewer of the Year

Emma Brockes, The Guardian

Robert Chalmers, The Independent on Sunday

Ariel Leve, The Sunday Times

John Preston, The Sunday Telegraph

Deborah Ross, The Independent

Alan Franks, The Times

Specialist Writer of the Year

Jane Barrie, The Sunday Mail

Richard Girling, The Sunday Times

Julie Henry, The Sunday Telegraph

Chris Leake, The Mail on Sunday

Lucy Siegle, The Observer

Ben Leapman, Evening Standard

Feature Writer of the Year

Decca Aitkenhead, The Guardian

Molly Watson, The Mail on Sunday

A.A. Gill, The Sunday Times

Olga Craig, The Sunday Telegraph

Ryan Parry, The Daily Mirror

Eamonn O’Neill, The Herald

Political Journalist of the Year

Jackie Ashley, The Guardian

Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer

Philip Stephens, The Financial Times

Simon Walters, The Mail on Sunday

Timothy Hames, The Times


shortlists for sports photographer, news photographer, feature
photographer, cartoonist, front page, supplement, team, the Hugh
Cudlipp awards and the national newspaper of the year.

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