Briefs 15.07.05

Bremner joins New Statesman

The New Statesman has signed up Rory Bremner as one of its star
columnists. The TV comedian and political satirist joins the magazine
in its 22 July issue with a column called “Rory’s week”, intended to be
“a pithy, insightful and laconic take on the week’s events”. Bremner is
the first appointment made by editor John Kampfner since he took over
the role in May.

McRae scoops political prize

The Independent’s economic commentator Hamish McRae has won this
year’s David Watt Prize for an outstanding piece of political
journalism. McRae’s article, “To tackle poverty look to China and
India”, examined the conditions prevailing in sub-Saharan Africa as
against the relative and recent economic successes in China and India.
McRae said: “If you want to make poverty history you have to look at
places where poverty is being made history – it’s a no-brainer really.”

Sunday Mercury in alert tip-off

The Sunday Mercury claims it was the first newspaper on the scene following Birmingham’s terrorist alert last Saturday.

The Trinity Mirror paper was tipped-off about a suspicious package
found just a couple of hundred yards from its building and reporter
Fionnuala Bourke and photographer Darren Quiton rushed to the scene. A
special edition increased weekon- week sales by eight per cent.

Game on for new Dennis magazine

Dennis is to launch a second gambling magazine, Total Gambler, following the success of 18-month-old title Inside Edge.

The publisher hopes to capitalise on the current craze for internet
betting with a magazine aimed at providing an introduction to gambling.
It will be given away free with Dennis men’s titles. It is also
rumoured that the company is planning a new magazine devoted to poker
this year.

New date for Press Club ball

The London Press Club charity ball, postponed because of the terror
attacks last week, has a new date. The black tie event at the Natural
History Museum will now take place on Wednesday 28 September. Flowers
that had been delivered to the venue for the event on Thursday were
sent to local hospitals.

New tickets will be sent out to table hosts and a small number may
still be available. Contact or phone 020 8429 7520.

Mayer’s role

In a Press Gazette story last week, foreign Press Association
president Catherine Mayer was described as “resigning” from her role.
In fact, her term of office had expired, so her role had naturally come
to an end. She is a senior editor at Time and not, as described in our
article, Time Europe editor.

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