Brand responded to Mail reporter's request for comment by pelting him with curry before publishing his business card on Twitter

Daily Mail journalist Neil Sears was pelted with curry sauce after he approached the comedian Russell Brand to ask him about his rent arrangements.

Brand yesterday faced criticism after publishing the reporter’s business card on Twitter to his 8.7m followers including details of his office and mobile telephone numbers.

Brand broadcasts a regular video on his Youtube channel called The Trews analysing the media.

When he faced initial criticism for the business card tweet yesterday he claimed it had been pushed through “a family member’s door”.

He later deleted both that tweet and the one publishing Daily Mail reporter Neil Sears’ business card.  And he said instead: "That was a bit nuts. He put it thru me door with "please call" on it. They're bothering me Mum. Deleted it. I'm human.”

Sears was not contactable on his mobile yesterday, but Press Gazette understands that the fallout from having his business card published was only a few incomprehensible phone messages.

Last week Sears approached Brand for right of reply on a story about the rent he pays on his house in Hoxton.

Brand has been campaigning on the issue of affordable housing in London and called a Channel 4 News reporter "snide" last week after he asked how much rent he pays for his Hoxton penthouse.

Press Gazette understands that Sears approached Brand outside his home. After being given the impression that Brand would be making a comment, Sears waited outside the building only for Brand to emerge and  throw a packet of curry sauce at Sears hitting his hair, face, tie and suit.

Twitter's rules state: "You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or social security/national identity numbers, without their express authorisation and permission.”

Some of Brand's followers replied to the initial tweet saying that they had already prank-called Sears, and the image was retweeted hundreds of times before being deleted.

Journalists were quick to criticise Brand..

Other Twitter users have called on the comedian to be banned from the site.

Twitter's rules further state that "Twitter reserves the right to immediately terminate your account without further notice in the event that, in its judgment, you violate these rules or the terms of service."

In 2012, The Independent journalist Guy Adams was banned from the site after he tweeted the email address of an executive at US TV network NBC after criticising the network over their coverage of the London Olympics.


2 thoughts on “Brand responded to Mail reporter's request for comment by pelting him with curry before publishing his business card on Twitter”

  1. Throwing sauce over a journalist is a criminal offence. It’s an assault.

    Publishing somebody’s mobile number on Twitter without their permission is a breach of Twitter’s rules. By today’s standards, it’s possibly also a data protection offence.

    The story was legitimate. Russell Brand was campaigning against property developers gentrifying London and pricing out the locals… whilst paying exorbitant rent on an apartment in one of the affected areas. It’s like munching on a Big Mac whilst participating in an anti-McDonald’s protest march.

  2. So what is the problem? The Daily Mail journalist wants to push a story, leaves a business card and then its circulated so anyone who might have information to help him/her can come forward…and help him/her …the journalist… in pursuit of their story.

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