Boys Sorted out with teenage title

Sorted, the monthly magazine for teenage boys, launched this week complete with advice on shoplifting and taking Ecstasy, writes Ruth Addicott.

The first issue, aimed at bpys aged 11 to 16, features a mix of sport, music, fashion, film and games and an interview with cover star Beyonce.

The problem pages, by Radio One agony uncle Mark Hamilton, offer advice on shoplifting, masturbation, pregnancy and weed. In response to a letter about taking Ecstasy, teenagers are told to “start with a small dose”, avoid alcohol and stay with friends.

Editor Martin Klipp said the aim was to provide practical advice rather than spark controversy.

Sports coverage will take up between four and six pages each issue, with the launch issue including a spread on the England football squad and a piece by Radio One and Five Live presenter DJ Spoony, a regular contributor.

Sorted has also linked up with a Government backed initiative to feature a regular slot called Dream Factory, aimed at helping boys fulfil their career ambitions whether to become a journalist, DJ or footballer.

Another section called Distorted features obscure pictures such as a three-legged toad and a person with “monster” feet, sporting seven toes. Fashion is also important. “There has never been a style guide for teen boys aged 11 to 16. They are getting more and more fashion conscious, you are actually getting 11-years-olds going to buy aftershave because of the whole pop culture thing,” Klipp said.

The magazine has been in development for eight months and is published by Brighton-based Sorted Communications. It will have a print run of 250,000 and cover price of £2.50.

Klipp said he was confident Sorted would hit its sales targets. “It is a completely new market, there has never been a general lifestyle magazine for 11 to 16-year-olds before. When Loaded came out people said it would never work.”

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