Book by hacking trial tweeter Peter Jukes promises 'uncensored' account as soon as reporting restrictions lifted

Blogger Peter Jukes is to write a book providing an “uncensored” account of the hacking trial to be published shortly after the verdicts.

Jukes has covered all 29 weeks of the trial after securing financial backing via crowdfunding.

The book is provisionally titled The Inside Story of the Hacking Trial, but its real title will be revealed once reporting restrictions have been lifted at the conclusion of the trial.

Jukes said: "In the past nine months, I’ve published almost half a million words about Regina Vs Rebekah Brooks & Others –  in tweets of 140 words or less. But there has been much more I have not been able to report.

“This book will tell the full sweeping, uncensored story of the most extraordinary case to come before the English courts in years.”

The book will be published by Canbury Press, a publishing company founded by former Independent reporter Martin Hickman.

The book is available solely via the website for £8.99 in print and digital formats.

Hickman said:  “Peter’s innovative funding of his coverage has opened a chink of light in what have been dark times for journalism.

“Just as he pioneered crowd-funding, we’re hoping that selling this book direct to the public will find a new way to fund hard-hitting and engrossing longer-form journalism.

“Having attended the trial every day myself, I know he’s got an eyebrow-lifting tale to tell.”

Jukes was named top reporter on Twitter and social media by Press Gazette in April.

The hacking trial is nearing its conclusion and the judge is currently summing up. Guardian journalist Nick Davies is also understood to be working on a book about the hacking scandal.

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