Birmingham Post to relaunch business-focused website

The Birmingham Post will become the next Trinity Mirror regional newspaper to relaunch online when it unveils its new business-focused website at the end of the month.

The Midlands daily will unveil its news site on 29 February after a period of internal beta-testing.

Blogs focusing on different business sectors in the region will be a central part of the new site, editor Marc Reeves told Press Gazette.

‘We want to give people real destinations that are very relevant to them and within that we want to make sure that there are not necessarily key industry figures, but people whose views are of interest to or relevant to people on that sector.”

The site initially maintained by a distinct digital team, but the print and online operations will be integrated when the Post moves to a content management system later this year.

Video will also play a growing role.

‘We won’t go overboard with it, but we think that video definitely has a place in business journalism,’said Reeves.

‘What we’re not going too much into the CCTV crime footage or reader-generated stuff – that’s not what the Birmingham Post is about. It will be more documentary stuff.”

When it moves to its new ‘Fort Dunlop’newsroom later this year, the paper will have access to a video studio, in the longer term, Reeves hopes to launch a broadcast-quality video programme of business interviews similar to the Daily Telegraph’s.

Launching a new personal blog this week, Reeves revealed that the Post’s new site would ‘resist the temptation’to offer a 24/7 breaking news service.

‘Our readers would rather watch three or four key stories develop through the day – and, moreover, trust us to choose the right stories – than be bombarded with dozens and dozens of bitty one-fact newsbreaks.,’Reeves wrote.

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