Beckham gets his kit off for GQ magazine

GQ: naked, Bowie-style Becks

GQ has persuaded David
Beckham to cover himself in baby oil and pose naked with black painted
finger nails and a “radical” new hairstyle in what is believed to be
its most expensive  photo shoot to date.

The magazine is believed to have splashed out more than £30,000 on
the shoot as part of a 20-page World Cup supplement in the June issue.
It will also feature an interview with the England captain by Sir Elton
John’s partner, David Furnish, a consultant editor, and include a dozen
new pictures of Beckham and shots of the England squad modelling their
new Burton team suits.

Editor Dylan Jones told Press Gazette: “The shoot is really cutting
edge and he has got a very particular hair style. He looks like David
Bowie as the Thin White Duke.” Beckham talks about Manchester United,
England, his family, aspirations, his fashion and business sense.
“There are definitely aspects in there about his relations with Man
United. It is very explicit,” Jones said. “He talked a lot about Alex
Ferguson, Victoria and his future.

“He likes GQ and he put an awful lot into the shoot in terms of
choosing the clothes and photographer.” The shoot with photographer
David LaChapelle, over a 10-day period, took place in Manchester two
weeks ago.

“I couldn’t believe how interested he was in all the clothes,” Jones
added. “It makes you realise how in control of his image and how
assured he is.”

Wife Victoria also attended the shoot and they both helped choose
the pictures for publication. Jones, who said Beckham was not given
copy approval, added: “He was very keen to see the polaroids. He has
seen all the pictures and he loves them.”

The GQ editor claims the shots are “10 times” more outrageous than
the famous Mohican pictures for The Face. He refused to say whether
Beckham’s new hairstyle was the reason why he has taken to wearing a

“I think it’s the best thing we have ever done,” he said.

Ruth Addicott

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