BBC's Roger Harrabin explains why tsunami coverage has focused on Fukushima

BBC environment analyst Roger Harrabin has responded to criticisms that the corporation has given too much coverage to the Fukushima nuclear disaster – at the expense of the rest of the Japan tsunami story – and that it has been too trusting of reassurances from the nuclear industry.

Writing on the BBC College of Journalism blog he says:

“At the heart of this lies the paradox that Fukushima  is likely to deal a huge blow to the world’s planned nuclear renaissance even though statistically it will probably show that nuclear power is relatively safe – especially if you are using a modern, self-cooling plant and manage to place it out of the reach of tsunamis.”

Explaining why the BBC has given so much coverage to Fukushima he adds: “…in news terms the tsunami looks like a terrible, terrible natural disaster – but one that is in the past, as opposed to one which will affect energy choices made all around the world.”

You can read his full post here.

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