BBC unveils plans for new Web 2.0 features

The BBC plans to add a raft of new web 2.0 features to its website in 2007, according to the head of BBC News Interactive Pete Clifton.

Clifton told the World Digital Publishing Conference in London today that the plans which are still subject to final approval by the Corporation could include new topical pages to aggregate information from BBC and external sources on a variety of topics.

Other plans include increased personalisation features for the front page of BBC News Online, an expansion of the site's live statistics tracker and possibly wiki style pages that would let users contribute to compilations of information.

A news API could let users outside the BBC access BBC content for their own development projects.

The BBC will not be expanding its existing blogs aggressively according to Clifton but he said he hopes to launch a new blog to be written by BBC foreign correspondents around the world.

Clifton said the BBC will not be making new content for mobile phones however, it will be making more of the text, audio and video from the news website central to the expansion of its offering for mobile devices.


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