BBC undercover exposé sparks Ofsted probe

Education watchdog Ofsted has launched an investigation into three nurseries after a BBC current affairs programme to be broadcast on Thursday claimed that one establishment had breached the regulator’s guidelines on vetting staff.

BBC One’s Real Story will feature an undercover investigation into Bank House Day nursery in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester.

Bury Council has claimed the programme, which will feature a reporter posing as a nurse at the nursery, “wasted police and social workers’ time”.

Producers said that the nursery breached Ofsted guidelines in vetting staff. But an Ofsted spokesperson told Press Gazette this week it was “currently working with the police and social services to investigate three nurseries in connection with the BBC Real Story programme.”

She continued: “As soon as Ofsted became aware that the BBC had been investigating nurses for the programme, we asked them to provide us with further details and immediately began investigating the allegations raised.”

By Wale Azeez

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