BBC News escapes censure over Christian Bale gaffe

BBC Breakfast has avoided censure by Ofcom after it quickly apologised for broadcasting an unedited version of Christian Bale’s foul-mouthed tirade on a film set.

On 16 February, the BBC One breakfast news show featured part of the sound-clip in which Bale is heard losing his temper with a member of the film crew.

After introducing the Bale item, the word “fucking” was heard almost immediately.

The clip was stopped and the presenters apologised stating that the clip should have been edited.

The Ofcom code states that “most offensive language must not be broadcast before the watershed”.

The BBC explained to Ofcom that two versions of the Bale rant item existed in its production database –one containing the most offensive language and one with this language bleeped out for transmission.

Apparently the original unedited version was played by mistake because the two different versions were not clearly labelled.

Ofcom said it considered the matter adequately resolved in view of the broadcaster’s swift action to stop the clip and apologise for offence to viewers.

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