BBC funds conspiracy theorist in 7/7 documentary

The BBC paid expenses to a conspiracy theorist and academic who believes the 7 July bombings three years ago were part of an intelligence agency plot.

The Evening Standard and Daily Telegraph report that the BBC paid Kollerstrom expenses for his part in The Conspiracy Files, a documentary on the various alternate theories behind the series of bombs that killed 52 people on London’s transport network.

Families of the victims tell both papers of their outrage of the BBC’s funding of Kollerstrom.

Last month the academic was stripped of an honorary research fellowship at University College London for an article on the revisionist website Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust alleging that the extent of the Holocaust had been exaggerated.

UPDATE 12-06-08

Mike Rudin, the series producer of The Conspiracy Files, has given his own take on events on the BBC Editors’ Blog. He says that Kollstrom was paid “no more than £30” and was not paid to travel to Leeds, as has been reported in several newspapers. He says Kollerstrom’s views about the Holocaust will be challenged in the programme.


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