BBC footage of fatal shooting prompts complaints

The BBC‘s 10 O’Clock News sparked almost 100 complaints after showing footage of a Palestinian man being shot dead after running amok with a bulldozer in Jerusalem.

The construction worker killed three people and injured at least 45 others when he crushed cars and overturned buses on a busy street yesterday.

The Ten O’Clock News warned viewers “that in the report you are about to see we did film the moment when the attacker was shot dead”.

The broadcast showed the bulldozer hurtling down a busy street in the centre of West Jerusalem after a security guard claimed to have killed the driver.

Two men were seen to climb on board the bulldozer before an off-duty soldier in a blue T-shirt shot the driver at point blank range to cries of “well done”.

The BBC received 61 complaints and TV watchdog Ofcom a further 32 following the report from BBC Middle East Correspondent Tim Franks.

The incident also sparked controversy on BBC message boards.

One viewer wrote: “I know that a warning was given and I am rarely shocked but regardless of the crime the Palestinian carried out yesterday, was there any need to show the moment of death?”

Another said: “It is necessary because it means we are less able to detach ourselves and pretend it isn’t happening.”

A BBC spokesman confirmed there had been 61 complaints.

ITV said it did not show the moment the man was shot dead as a matter of editorial policy.

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