BBC confirms resignation of Panorama employee following bribe claim

The BBC has confirmed the resignation of the Panorama employee accused of trying to bribe a security consultant.

Last month an episode investigating Harlequin, a developer of Caribbean luxury homes, was shelved by the corporation after the allegations were made.

Harlequin, which made the complaint, later named the producer – who had been suspended – in a press statement.

The BBC has not identified the employee, but has confirmed "the resignation of a member of staff who had recently been suspended following a complaint made to Panorama".

A spokesperson said: "We are still looking at the facts behind the complaint made by Harlequin and hope that the film will be broadcast in due course."

According to The Guardian, Harlequin has been advised to report the producer to the police.

When the broadcast was put on hold The Times reported that Panorama staffer concerned emailed Sean Ghent, a Harlequin security consultant, describing himself as an award-winning Panorama producer, and saying: "I was wondering if I could be a bit cheeky here.

"It's unlikely that Ames (Harlequin's chairman David Ames) and maybe Harlequin will be around for much longer, nor will he have money to pay people for much longer.

"There are a long list of creditors already I understand.

"Panorama and the BBC is always using security and protection officers and although I cannot guarantee anything we may be able to put things your way.

"Or we could work together on stories.

"It's always good to keep one eye on the future!

"How would you feel helping me out in a totally confidential way."

Ghent told The Times he was shocked by the producer's approach to him via the LinkedIn website on March 13.

"He was suggesting my job might disappear. It seemed to me he was trying to offer me an enticement," he said.



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