BBC College of Journalism site to go public next month

The BBC is expecting to launch its College of Journalism website to the general public next month.

The site, which is currently only accessible to BBC employees, has a planned launch date of December 14, Kevin Marsh, head of the college, revealed on his personal blog this week.

He wrote: “It now looks pretty certain that 14 December will be the day the BBC College of Journalism goes truly global with the launch of its new website on bbc.co.uk – free to UK users, under subscription overseas.

“It’s been a pretty frustrating couple of months – not with the build of the site; that’s been going rather well…No, the frustration has been around the prep work – writing, editing, blogging – to build the content, knowing that no-one outside the BBC can see it yet.

“Vital though that constituency is for us – our mantra is ‘BBC learning for BBC journalists by BBC journalists’ – it has meant that a lot of our discussions on the site have had a dimension missing; journalists and audiences outside the BBC.”

The College of Journalism, which was set up in the wake of the Hutton Report, has an annual budget in excess of £2m to train the corporation’s 7,000 journalists in impartiality, ethics, trust and the practical tools of a difficult trade.

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