'Baldy Blogger' may have weeks to live

Sad news reaches Press Gazette. Adrian Sudbury, a reporter who has for the last 18 months fought a rare form of leukemia while educating people about the disease around the world through his blog, may have only weeks to live.

The Daily Mirror today interviews him today as he calls for more people to donate bone marrow for the 7,000 other sufferers on the waiting list.

Adrian, who has continued to work for the Huddersfield Examiner during his illness, has refused further treatment after leukemia reappeared following a bone marrow transplant last year.

With the humour that characterises his detailed and informative blog on the life of a leukemia sufferer, he told readers “in the rapping words of Craig David, RE-EE-Lapse”.

He says “My mind still wants to do the things any 26-year-old can do – but I can’t…As for dying – how can anyone be scared of something that is going to happen to every single one of us?”

Adrian picked up the award for best medical blogger at the Weblog awards in Las Vegas and also won best online feature at the Guild of Health Writers awards.

He wrote an article for Press Gazette back in May and said that leukemia “has, funnily enough, changed me from a determined anti-blogger to a man with no hair but with a blog of his own, recording my progress through my illness and treatment as well as casting a light on the often-misunderstood subject of leukaemia.”

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