Baffled by the word 'blog'

I know I’ve been retired since 1991 but I still try to keep abreast of journalistic matters through Press Gazette.

However I’m completely baffled by the word ‘blog’. Am I alone? Or should I get out more? Please enlighten me.

Patrick Nicholson former chief sub-editor Sunday Times

Editor’s reply: Actually
Patrick, to learn about ‘blogging’ you really need to stay in more.
Blog is a contraction of the phrase web log, which is basically an
online diary. Bloggers regularly update their websites with news,
information and links to other websites, all arranged chronologically.

Some of the most popular bloggers get huge audiences – such as the
socalled Baghdad Blogger, a 29-year-old man living in the Iraqi capital
during the allied invasion. whose on-line account of his life has since
been published as a book.

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