Backfired PR stunt of the week

Molten Ben & Jerry’s

Reporter for the Hounslow Chronicle, Joe Jackson, feared he had seriously upset a reader when
he was sent an envelope dripping with a disgusting brownish liquid.

He soon discovered though that the parcel was actually a thoughtful gift from a PR woman who had sent him a complimentary pot of Ben & Jerry’s award-winning ice cream… via Royal Mail.

Jackson said: “After reading a piece we had written about the ice cream, the PR company was delighted with the coverage and pledged to send us some ice cream as a morale boost to our overworked, under-paid team.

“We expected some vouchers. Little did we know that a padded envelope with a tub was slowly melting its way to us courtesy of
Royal Mail.

“The dim-witted PR girl maintains she had instructed the post room to courier it, but I’m not convinced.”

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