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Headline of the week

Duvet know it’s Christmas?

story behind this headline was about a beds firm in Trowbridge axing
the annual Christmas shutdown, meaning employees will have to work over
the festive break. The headline was written by Wiltshire Times deputy
editor Keith Gale and submitted by news editor Craig Evry.

Police hunting for dough nut

Mark George’s headline for the Bromley edition of News Shopper referred
to a story about a worker at a bakery spiking bread with lethal
objects. The headline was nominated by fellow sub Harry Burrows.

Mum’s gone to M-Iceland!

Wirral Globe reported on mum-of-two Jacqui Williams finding a mouse in
her shopping delivery from Iceland supermarket. The headline was
written by features editor Catherine Lawler and nominated by reporter
colleague Justin Dunn.

Lookalike of the week

Gervais and Irish Sun editor Michael McNiffe One’s famous for being the
world’s worst boss with a penchant for bad dancing and crap gags… the
other played sitcom character David Brent. Only kidding.

Shameless lift of the week

one on the right is from Monday’s Evening Standard Lite. It includes a
recipe devised by chief sub Jamie Maclean. The one above is from
Tuesday’s Daily Star – with a spookily similar looking recipe. No doubt
a fee from the Star will be winging its way in Maclean’s direction very

Auction of the week

News of the World showbiz columnist Jon Barnsley must be disappointed
to discover that with a day of bidding still to go his signed photo –
auctioned by an unknown seller – was worth a measly £1.04.

despite this glowing description: “An excellent and perfect condition
original autograph (hand signed) of Jon Barnsley the editor of The
Goss, The Biz (The Sun) and travel editor of the News of the World. He
no longer works in the tabloid world and lives in France in his
chateaux with llamas apparently!”

Barnsley was shocked to find
such an item for sale. “It was the only one I ever sent out, so it is
sort of rare.” Rare or not, it’s still not worth the previous lot sold
by the same seller: a cool £1.20 for a signed pic of Verity Rushworth
aka Donna Windsor from Emmerdale.

Cunning stunt of the week

Citizen editor Ian Mean has his legs waxed to raise money for the
Multiple Sclerosis Society and Macmillan Cancer Relief, in front of an
audience of horrified onlookers in a local shopping centre.

Worryingly, Mean seems to be rather enjoying the exercise.

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