Awards go 'carbon neutral'

This year’s British Press Awards will be "carbon neutral" for the first time in their history.

The event’s organiser, Press Gazette, has established that the equivalent of two tonnes of carbon dioxide will be emitted as a result of the national newspaper "Oscars" on Monday 20 March at London’s Dorchester Hotel. So the magazine has teamed up with the CarbonNeutral Company to offset the event’s impact on global warming.

Press Gazette is asking readers to vote on a contribution going to one of the following three possible carbon offsetting options: A: A re-foresting project in Mexico that also helps farmers through the planting of fruit and nut orchards.

B: A micro-hydro power generation scheme in Bulgaria using run-of-river technology, rather than the more environmentally harmful dams.

C: A solar light project in India that reduces the need for kerosene lamps which, as well as releasing CO2, are harmful pollutants.

To vote, email the relevant letter under the subject heading CarbonNeutral to Press Gazette at

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