Auschwitz railroad pic used to illustrate train-rage story

The Iliffe News and Media-owned Cambridge News carried a curious choice of photo to illustrate a story about a woman who was subjected to verbal abuse on a train by thuggish Cardiff City football club fans.

The woman apparently became so fed up when the driver refused to intervene that she stood in front of the train forcing it to terminate at a village station, leaving the fans with a walk home.

The choice of picture used to illustrate the story is unmistakably the railway line leading up to the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland where, according to some estimates, more than one million Jews were massacred by the Nazis.

Axegrinder understands that the story page in question was created from a Press Association feed to all the Illiffe newspaper websites.

As I write the offending pic is still live. But presumably they will get around to changing it at some point.hey will get around to changing it at some point.

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