Argy bargy over Argus 'cencorship' (sic)...

There are some people who see conspiracies everywhere. As every newsroom knows, there is no shortage of people complaining that the CIA is plotting to murder them or the Government is putting brain-changing chemicals in Spam.

The latest target for wacko “truth” campaigners is Brighton’s award-winning Argus newspaper, specifically for “censoring” readers’ comments on its website.

The Argus Uncencored (actual spelling) is, according to its mysterious creator – a blogger called “No Way” – “a place where you can have your say on all the news stories that are published on the Argus website either without the facility to comment on it, where comments have been disabled after previously being allowed or where certain comments are deleted for no valid reason”.

The “plan”, such as it exists, is “to get this site as active as the Argus website in the hope that they will take note and allow comments on all stories, regardless of how offensive they are (there are exceptions, like direct threats etc).”

So, Argus stories are reprinted in their entirety with as much comment as the people of Sussex want. Which seems to be about three or four.
One anonymous poster sagely comments: “The Argus ‘censors’ comments because otherwise they can get sued for libel, you flaming bell-end.”
Proof that The Argus is not averse to carrying self-criticism came during the quiet Christmas period when a story headlined: “Birthday bash escalates into trip of a lifetime for Lancing woman” attracted some wry comments from readers.

The intro: “Plans for a 50th birthday bash for a friend escalated into an action-packed four-day trip to New York for 17 women” should tell you that this was something a slow news day tale.

450 words later, commenters included “Dave” who said: “I wnet (sic) on a stag do with 20 (yes, 20!) people but did not get in The Argus.”

But another commenter, “The Wombat”, observed: “I think you’re being very unfair – it’s not everyday us Lancing folk get to ride in one of those magic flying metal boxes.”

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