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Are you up to it?

If you can pull yourself away from staring at Roger Black’s beautiful blog design long enough to read his post, it raises some very good points indeed.

Newspapers have about a year to get rid of all the people who can’t pull their own weight and to redeploy all the smart energetic journalists who can find the great stories and push them out to print, web and video. Some papers still have lots of talent, but they must push it to the front so readers can find it and find that they like it. Papers which continue to bury the smart people (or have already driven them away) will not make the cut. With the current recession, if newspapers don’t move quickly, the market will crush them.

How true is this of our newspapers? It can only be a good thing for student journalists. But do we have the skills necessary to make full use of this unique opportunity to capitalise on the mass exodus of deadwood journalists?

[via Fleet Street Blues which, if you’re job-hunting, is a great resource]



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