Are three out of four UK internet users logging on to Mail Online every month?

Can it really be true that three out of four people who have ever used the internet in the UK are logging on to Mail Online every month?
Somehow I doubt it that even the phenomenally successful Mail Online is doing that well – but this is the direction where the official stats from ABC appear to lead.

According to the Office of National Statistics quarterly internet access update out today, 42.16 million UK adults now have used the internet ever (83.7 per cent).

Meanwhile, according to ABC – some 32,185,441 ‘unique browsers’ accessed Mail Online in the UK in March.

ABC counts different devices, so many of these browsers could be the same person logging on at work, at home and perhaps on their phone and laptop. But at the same time, some computers could be used by several different people.

It’s worth noting that other metrics which claim to measure people rather than ‘unique browsers’, such as Comscore, give Mail Online a much lower total – typically around half the ABC figure.

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