AOL launches rebranded sports website

AOL UK has announced the launch of a new sports site called AOL Sport, which will replace its previous sports website

The site has been launched in partnership with Sporting Life, and will see its sports news, reviews, fixtures, results and tables integrated into AOL Sport.

AOL said the partnership built on an existing deal with Sporting Life in which it provided limited fixtures and results for Fanhouse.

The new website will cover football, tennis, rugby, golf, horse racing, cricket, boxing and the Olympics.

Sporting Life, which is owned by Sky, will also look to integrate its Sky Bet service into AOL Sport.

'At AOL we're known for delivering great journalism. But sports fans want data too – the facts, the results, great analysis, all of the detail. There is no stronger company that can deliver both of those than Sky, and in Sporting Life, we already have a brand our users trust'said Noel Penzer, the vice president of Huffington Post Media Group, Europe and Latin America.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post is reportedly planning a French edition called Le Huffington Post, in which two partners will share equity РThe Le Monde Group and Les Nouvelles Editions Ind̩pendante.

The UK version of the website launched in July.


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