Andrew Marr says he would have been sacked from the BBC for shouting 'f*** the Tories' at Glastonbury

Andrew Marr has said he would have been sacked from the BBC if he had been caught shouting “fuck the Tories” at Glastonbury.

A Twitter user posted a photo of himself with Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow with the message: “Boss place that Glasto. Having a dance with Jon Snow and hearing him shout fuck the Tories is what dream are made of.”

Snow said later: “After a day at Glastonbury, I can honestly say I have no recollection of what was chanted, sung or who I took over 1000 selfies with.”

Writing in The Sunday Times, Marr said: “I do know Jon Snow just a little bit. Over the years, I have come to doubt whether he is, to his boots, a naturally Ukip kind of fellow.

“If I were caught shouting ‘f*** the Tories, I would be out on my oversized ear before you could say Krishnan Guru-Muthy.

“Jon is sure he said nothing of the kind. He’d probably have been out if he had.”

Marr said: “For a political reporter to be entirely neutral on the grew issues of politics would be as weird as being a restaurant critic who didn’t much like food.

“The point is that we have to suppress those views while we are doing our day jobs – and, indeed, keep them pretty much suppressed generally.”




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2 thoughts on “Andrew Marr says he would have been sacked from the BBC for shouting 'f*** the Tories' at Glastonbury”

  1. With respect, there was no need whatsoever for Jon Snow to shout **** the Tories. Based on the antics of the last few weeks, they seem to be quite able to do it all by themselves, without any outside assistance … For the evidence look at the Kensington & Chelsea blog The Hornets Nest and the Peterborough blog The Peterborough Tribune …..enjoy.

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