Andrew Grice: Government just as guilty as media for deteriorating relationship

the relationship between the Government and media has changed for the worst, according to Andrew Grice, The Indpendent political editor

‘The Government is just as responsible for that as the media,” he said. “Spin worked brilliantly for New Labour in opposition but it was not the right way to operate in government. The media exposed that, notably the flawed attempt to spin the Iraq war.”

Grice said it would be healthy for both politicians and the press to have the debate that Blair has called for.

“If Mr Brown does cut down the spinning, that would be a good thing. But any government or party wants the most favourable coverage and it will not be easy to give up old habits, especially in the run-up to an election. The Blair speech shouldn’t make things harder for Mr Brown. The media should assess his actions as Prime Minister on their merits, and not try to settle scores with the previous regime.”

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