And the Daily Star’s final tally of Big Bro splashes for 2012 is...; The Polar Express; Axegrinder joins the Order of the Occult Hand


And the Daily Star’s final tally of Big Bro splash for 2012 is…

When Axeginder discovered a feature on the website Front Pages Today offering a complete review of 2012 front pages, one question was on my mind.

How many times did the Daily Star splash with Big Brother in 2012?

The answer was… 36 times in 260-odd editions. So quite restrained really.

Axegrinder joins the Order of the Occult Hand

It was as if an occult hand had landed on Axegrinder’s shoulder and compelled me to write this sentence.

No I haven’t been at the cooking sherry, I am trying to join a secret society of American journalists who have been able to slip this phrase into copy.

It was first introduced by a Charlotte News police reporter who wrote in 1965 about a millworker shot by dead by his own family when he came home late one night.

“It was as if an occult hand had reached down from above and moved the players like pawns upon some giant chessboard.”

Amused by this purple prose colleagues formed the secret order and since then new members have joined from such diverse publications as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Associated Press.

How the dead millworkers’ surviving relatives must chuckle too!

Pink takes Moore article a bit far

Suzanne Moore’s suggestion that women were expected to look like “a Brazilian transsexual” in a New Statesman article last week caused a right kerfuffle on Twitter and beyond.

But Axeginder thinks Pink News went a tad far by linking it to the killing of a Brazilian transsexual in Brazil on 11 January.

Lth nasondf mspnaf [afs[mn npafn fmd!

Headline howler of the week comes courtesy of This Is Nottingham. Anyone can hit a wrong button, Axegrinder concedes, but I’m baffled how this one could stay online for several hours (as was the case last week).


The Polar Express

Meanwhile sister title the Daily Express wasted no time in pressing the panic button with the onset of snowy whether on 12 January.

According to The Media Blog, Cumbria residents were left scratching their heads at this photo showing a snowplough battling its way down the M6 this week?

Can you spot the difference (above) between that pic and one which appeared in the Express on 7 December?

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