Americans turn to web for their news

More and more Americans – according to a new survey – are turning to the internet for their news.

As many as eight out of ten now switch to websites at least once or twice a day. As a result the circulation of newspapers in the US is declining faster than ever before, on average by about 3 per cent. Hardest hit have been the Sundays.

Out of the top ten papers, eight suffered a circulation drop. The only ones that went up in the last six months were USA Today (up 1 per cent) and The Los Angeles Times (up.0.5 per cent). The New York Post and Newsday both suffered badly – down about 5 per cent.

The Boston Globe was down almost seven per cent, the Dallas Morning News almost eight per cent and San Diego Union -Tribune over eight per cent. Even the NY Times reported a decline of close to five pert cent. Its daily circulation is now down to just over a million.

For the first time the survey compared the number of readers who are still loyal to their newspapers and those who are switching to the web.

An analysis of 88 newspapers showed that in the past two years the paper that has benefited most from the switch has been the Washington Post whose print edition has declined more than three per cent (to 635,000) but it now has a combined print and web monthly “audience” of three million.

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