American Pie 28.02.02

An estate in Scotland with private spa. Or running the most profitable magazine in the US.Which would it be? Carol Wallace, the managing editor of People, one of the best-known magazines in the US,Êhas opted for Bonnie Scotland.After five yearsÊrunning what is claimed to be the biggest moneymaker in the publishing world, she is giving up her position and moving to the UK.A former newspaper reporter credited with a real nose for news, during her tenure at People she increased its circulation to 3,700,000 – the highest in its 28-year history. She also masterminded the launch of People en Espa-ol and Teen People. One of her achievements was getting out an issue of People within 24 hours of the attack on New York’s World Trade Center, a feat no other magazine achieved. Although only 52, she had indicated that she would like to spend more time with her family. "I never wanted to work until I was an old coot. I wanted to get out while I was still ambulatory."She won’t, however, be giving up journalism completely.In Britain she will spend some of her time in London as a consultant at IPC Magazines (which Time Inc recently acquired) , and also travelling to Australia to help out at Who,the Australian version of People. She is being replaced at People in New York by Martha Nelson who has been managing editor of In Style since it was launched in 1994.


One of the oldest and best-known journalist hangouts in New York, PJ Clarke’s, is changing hands.Named after an old Irish saloon keeper, Patrick Joseph Clarke, who opened the bar in 1904, it’s now one of the oldest saloons in the city. Over the years, it has been the favourite haunt of many celebrities, from Frank Sinatra to Nat King Cole and Jackie Onassis. Once, Marilyn Monroe, Senator Hubert Humphrey and mobster Frank Costello were all there the same night. It was also the model for the bar in the movie The Lost Weekend.ÊA tiny, shabby-looking two-storey redbrick building, it has survived the tearing down of the adjacent Third Ave El railway line and the encroachment of towering office skyscrapers. The new owners are closing the saloon for six months to make improvements, but have promised the old wooden bar and the stained mirrors will remain. So will the urn behind the bar which contains the ashes of one of its most faithful customers, a former baseball star who never missed a day at the bar until he died in 1985.Ê

For its coverage of the World Trade Center terrorist attack and the war in Afghanistan, the BBC World Serviceis one of the recipients this year of a Polk Award, named after CBS correspondent George Polk, who was murdered in Greece covering the civil war in 1949. At the time the first of the hijacked planes hit the twin towers, the World Service actually had a correspondent inside the building. The New York Times also won two awards – one of them for the special section called Portraits of Grief which it ran every day for three months with thumbnail biographies of the almost 3,000 victims.


One of the targets of a zealous security guard at New York’s JFK airport was Tom Florio, the new publisher of Vogue. Spotting what looked like a suspicious bulge in the publisher’s carry-on bag, the guard insisted on it being opened and examined. It turned out to be a bumper-sized issue of the March issue of Vogue.

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