Alan Sugar urges fellow peer Lord Rothermere to tell Paul Dacre 'You're fired'

Apprentice star Lord Sugar has urged fellow peer Lord Rothermere to call Paul Dacre into the boardroom before telling him “you're fired”.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur is the latest celebrity to join a twitter campaign against the under-fire newspaper editor.

Sugar has also advised advertisers to pull their money from the Daily Mail until Dacre either resigns or apologises for his bitter campaign against Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Sugar, who is a Labour supporter, and major contributor to the party has frequently been attacked within the pages of the Daily Mail.

Amanda Platell, in her column on 14 August, decried the state of the entertainment industry.

She claimed: “British television in recent years has become a theatre of cruelty where the brutish, the unfunny and the vulgar have become its celebrated stars whether it is the vain, bullying Alan Sugar or the boorishly rude Gordon Ramsay.”

Two days earlier Janet Street Porter described Sugar as “brilliantly brutal” in the pages of the Daily Mail.

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