After 40 years - Private Eye hands over distribution to Comag

Private Eye has signed up with distributor Comag after 40 years of handling its own distribution.

Fortnightly Private Eye has been dealing with its own distribution since the late 1970s.

Sheila Molnar, managing director at Private Eye, said: ‘Moving to a third party distributor is a big step for Private Eye. We’re keen to work closely with Comag as our newstrade partner to maximize sales and develop distribution objectives.”

Comag, formed in 1977, is owned by two of the UK’s biggest magazine publishers,The National Magazine Company and Condé Nast Publications.

Publishers use distributors to manage their news trade marketing, distribution and circulation.

Hazel Isaacs, business development director Comag, explained the benefits of Private Eye using a distributor. She said: ‘It’s a very involved process, looking at retailer level information and matching that with publisher objectives such as where they’re stocked and where they want to promote and what’s going on with a particular issue to get the optimum distribution pattern.”

Isaacs said that a ‘vast majority’of publishersl now use a distributors to manage circulation.

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