Action on press freedom boosts profile of SoE

In its defence of press freedom, the voice of the Society of Editors
is now wider known than at any time in its history, claims president
Keith Sutton.

In his annual report he says the Society had helped
to bring to life the new Freedom of Information Act, which had spurred
members to new heights on behalf of their newspapers, broadcast
stations and the public.

On a high about its lobbying work on
issues, which have included a u-turn on the part of the Crown
Prosecution Service over the release of police interview tapes and
transcripts and a campaign against politically correct decisions to ban
newspapers from showing photographs of children, the society is also
reporting a comfortable profit for the year 2004-2005.

It has
£16,524 in the kitty against £9,218 in 2004 and its assets total
£110,927. Subscriptions brought in £54,594 and £30,000 came from
sponsors including Guardian Media, MGN, Associated Newspapers, News
International, Trinity Mirror and the Telegraph group.

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